What's New - September 2019

Summer is coming to an end and school is starting for many of our Sprouts!

Did you know we have Drop In billing for before and after school programs? You can bill families based on when and the number of times per week they drop off their sprouts!

New Help Site Up and Running

We’ve creating https://help.sproutary.com to help you get the most out of Sproutary and dive deeper into features, their options, and how to use them effectively. With every new feature coming we’ll be adding documentation in at the same time - see the two new features below! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Also, have you seen the new chat widget on the main page? Many of you and your families have already taken advantage of it to ask quick questions!

Two Big New Features Just Launched!

Sprout Daily Reports and Activity

Families want to be in the know when it comes to their child’s care. Did they have breakfast? What’s their mood like? Do they need to bring in more diapers? Sproutary Daily Report & Activities is where teachers can quickly send these notifications and photos directly to families. They will also get an email summary after they checkout. Get started here: https://help.sproutary.com/centers/dailyreports/

Employee Documentation

Keep track of employees certifications, training schedules, and employment documentation. We’ll send you a reminder before they expire. Make sure all employees are compliant and up to date. Never wonder again if an employee is behind or when you should schedule the next training class. Read all about it here: https://help.sproutary.com/centers/employees/docs/

Sproutary 1 End Date

Sproutary 1 has an official end date of January 1st 2020! If you need any help before this, email us at help@sproutary.com and let us know how we can help.

More Updates and Release Notes

  • Added NSF button to checks in Sproutary 2.
    • Can now also set NSF fee and date.
  • Added VERY FAST roll call!
    • One click checkin and checkout for when 100s of Sprouts are getting off the bus.
  • Added ability to create multiple attendances in Sproutary 2 by selecting multiple sprouts.
  • Added Family AutoPay form to Sproutary 2
  • Removed past due and over due invoices from Sproutary 2’s dashboard as they no longer matter.
  • Better feedback on PIN pad when touching a number.
  • Fixed issue with PIN not resetting on failed PIN attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a family would not filter the sprouts on the payment screens.
  • Fixed issue where iPad would not sync back up if it was turned off and back on again. Also added a “refresh” button to the bottom.
  • Fixed issue where no classrooms would be selected in kiosk mode.
  • Fixed issue when running tax report as an center.
  • Fix an issue where credits would show on Sproutary 2.
  • Fixed a few issues with login and logout getting into odd states.